What to Know About Menopausal Brain Fog, According to Experts

Highly palatable sweet, fatty, and salty foods and alcohol are just some of the many things that produce an incredibly quick reward. Plus, we have such easy access to them, which is what makes them so addictive. On top of its essential role as a chemical in the brain, dopamine also acts as a hormone. It’s made by the adrenal gland, just like epinephrine and norepinephrine – the hormones that act behind your fight, flight, or freeze response. This feel-good chemical does a lot more than just make you feel rewarded. Our brains are wired to want a reward – and that wave of euphoria you feel when you take that first bite of your brownie or sip of wine is dopamine surging through you.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of alcohol-related brain fog, seeking help and support from a qualified healthcare professional is vital. The right treatment can help you overcome brain fog and promote long-term recovery. If you are experiencing heavy feelings of depression or anxiety, it is also important to seek out mental health support. This can include counseling, therapy, medication management sessions with a psychiatrist, or even attending an addiction treatment center for assistance on your journey to recovery.

Ways to Improve Your Dopamine Levels

Especially if you’re feeling low and have learned that alcohol can numb or remove that pain, even if temporary, you’re more likely to go for it. The brain gets focused on the reward and stops caring about the drawbacks. These daily cognitive needs and memory are so sensitive to alcohol – just imagine party binge drinkers in movies; when they have too much they can’t even remember the night before.

  • Alcohol can have profound, long-term and severe effects on the brain, causing significant mental, emotional and even physical harm to this vital organ.
  • Heavy drinking may weaken parts of the brain that are responsible for cognitive function and emotion regulation.
  • He said that while he’d tried LSD and magic mushrooms recreationally before, having his drink spiked was unlike any of his previous experiences.
  • It can help to eat healthfully, get creative, and take regular screen breaks.
  • People who have smaller bodies, drink alcohol less frequently, or have a history of liver disease are also more vulnerable to alcohol poisoning.

Therefore, it’s important to make getting quality sleep a priority to avoid more brain drain. Make sure that your bedroom is maximized for restful sleep by designating it for sleep and intimacy only. That means no computers or TV’s since they emit blue light, a known suppressor of melatonin production.

How is Alcohol Misuse Connected to Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome?

A recently released study by the RAND research group revealed the many ways that sleep deprivation negatively affects brain function. Consistently running on lack of sleep decreases the brain’s ability to solidify memory and clear out toxins, as well as lowers your ability for higher cognitive functions, such as basic multitasking. Others may have a hard time sticking to this limit due to genetics, stress, and other risk factors. Research has found an increased prevalence of AUD and heavy drinking, primarily among women. Talk to a healthcare provider if you have a history of addiction or dependence.

alcohol brain fog

A little too much is going to have an impact on your average workday, too. Read on to find out how exactly alcohol changes your dopamine levels, and what you can do to focus on healthier rewards and ultimately become more mindful of your drinking. Experiencing brain fog following addiction can be a frustrating experience, but hang in there. The smoke will clear in due time and your noggin will be back in shape before you know it, especially with the help of these brain-boosting practices.

[Podcast] Episode 6: Habit Design for Alcohol Moderation with Nir Eyal

Mosconi’s new book has raised a lot of questions about so-called “menopause brain” as well as what can be done about it. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work. Psychiatrist Harry McConnell said alcohol brain fog a lot more research needed to be done into the basic mechanisms of how it occurred, who was at risk and treatments. Ms Quigley is particularly concerned about the growing popularity of the “Cali sober” movement, which for some people involves cutting out alcohol but using marijuana or psychedelic drugs.

alcohol brain fog

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