What Is a Board of Directors?

If you ask a group of people what a chair is the most common answer is “Something that you sit on.” However this doesn’t really give the full meaning of the chair as an inanimate object that has been made for humans to sit on. Chairs belong to a category or set called “furniture”, which includes other items with similar shape, function or appearance. Chairs are also available in a variety, shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of humans of all types.

The board of directors is a governing body that is elected by shareholders to set corporate policies and oversee the business. The structure of a board can be different and the company’s bylaws will determine how many members are on the board, how often they meet and election procedures. A board usually consists of insiders from the company who are familiar with the organization’s internal workings and qualified individuals outside the business who are knowledgeable in the related field.

The board is a strategic institution which oversees the CEO’s pursuit of goals alignment with the overall vision of the company. In critical times, when the CEO isn’t everywhere the board could act as an extra layer of protection and help guide the company through uncertain waters. It takes an eye for detail to spot people with the right background and experience who are committed to the company’s objectives. A database of prospective candidates is a good method to find the right candidate for the job.


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